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Naxos island is the largest and the centermost of the Cyclades islands cluster. Cycladic culture, among the earliest and most prominent civilizations in the Mediterranean, is known for its peaceful growth and uniquely minimalisistic artwork.

Marble statuettes, awe-inducing ruins of ancient temples, monasteries dating back to the days of the Byzantine Empire, fortresses from the period of Venetian rule alongside the indelible signs of inroads by pirate-raiders and conquerors raids by pirates and the subsequent struggles for liberation comprise the island’s long history spanning a period of six thousand years of human presence.

A land of fertile soil, Naxos can be likened to a hospitable host right in the centre of the Aegean Sea, nourishing a paradigm of peace and gratitude. It diverse landscape is made up of fruitful valleys, high mountains and endless sandy beaches with emerald and turquoise waters.

As one approaches Naxos by sea, the first thing that strikes the eye is Portara (on Palatia islet), a huge portal (6 meters tall, 3 1/2 meters wide) of the unfinished Temple of Apollo (530 BC by Naxos tyrant Ligdamis).

The island's port and capital Chora, is a typical Cycladic town with a maze of narrow streets and tiny passages. Chora is a lively town throughout the year.

Worth visiting: The Old Quarter and Venetian Castle (13th Century BC) with its breathatking view, both in Naxos Town (Chora), the Archaeological Museum with the famous Cycladic figurines, the Capuchines Monastery, the Catholic Cathedral, the Ursulines Monastery and the Catholic Episcopal Edifice.